Paleo-Artist Garfield Minott's Biography

  • Garfield Minott has earned a reputation as first and foremost, one of North America's leading paleo-artists. His sculptures are not merely life like but are among the most anatomically correct paleontological reconstructions as acknowledged by paleontologists.

  • Garfield is a member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. He studies the latest publications and scientific findings, to continually augment his work. Garfield Minott has also audited lectures at the University of Toronto in the area of natural sciences, with the open invitations of scientists such as Dr. Christopher McGowan and Dr. Grant Hurlburt.

  • Garfield has been frequently asked to participate in joint artistic and scientific efforts. Scientists such as Dr. Kent A Stevens from the University of Oregon for his publication on Binocular Vision Studies in theropod dinosaurs, Dr. Paul Sereno for the sculpting of the first bust of the newly discovered African dinosaur Carcharodontosaurus. This dinosaur was sculpted for its National Geographic debut at the Smithsonian institute in Washington DC. Garfield has also sculpted pieces for Dr. Thomas Carr who frequently requests theropod dinosaur sculptures for his collection. Also, Dr. Frank Mendel of the University of Buffalo for the study of the dentition of Saber Cats, where Garfield Minott was recommended to him as the fastest and most accurate artist for sculpting and anatomical reconstructions.

  • Garfield Minott's work can also be viewed from his website at Dinosaur Discovery Inc. a small production company that specializes in paleo-scientific creations, Dinosaur Discovery.

  • In future, Garfield Minott hopes to further his study of the natural sciences through the study of paleontology and graphic simulation software. Garfield will be attending several scientific expos for the 2007 year and will continue to market his services within the scientific community.

Garfield Minott